June Menu:

1st – Chicken Fried Chicken
2nd – Burrito Bowl
3th – Grilled Burgers, Poppyseed chicken
4th – Chicken Parmesan
5th – BBQ Meatballs
Friday Evening – 1/2 rack Babyback ribs, and turkey and dressing

8th – Chicken Fried Chicken
9th – Lasagna
10th – Grilled Burgers, Nachos
11th – Bang Bang Chicken
12th – Roast Beef
Friday Evening – Beef Tips, Coconut Shrimp, BBQ 1/2 Chicken

15th – Chicken Fried Chicken
16th – Fish Tacos
17th – Steak Chimichanga, Burgers
18th – Meatloaf
19th – Chicken and Dressing
Friday Evening – Brisket, CFC, Almond Baked Salmon

22nd – Chicken Fried Chicken
23rd – Bacon Wrapped Chopped Steak
24th – Burgers, Creamy Chicken and Rice
25th – Honey Fried Chicken
26th – Hot roast beef sandwich
Friday Evening – Grilled Ribeye, Jenna’s Chicken, Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

29th – Chicken Fried Chicken
30th – Chicken Pot Pie